Yesterday I left my camera at work and as I was languishing in the hammock, I looked up at the top window of the Yellow House and their dog, Lou, was hanging his head out for a good hour. He would disappear and appear, and it was very comical. I have attempted to reproduce the hilarity, but no cigars, I know. This is an odd block: Lou is next door, and then there is another LuLu a few houses down (who I've only encountered manifested as a frothing, savage snarl on the other side of a fence).
It's going to rain all weekend, apparently. Which is good - saves on my water bill and we've had 29 straight days of sun, which is a little unusual. I'm actually feeling a little - painty. I have two potential projects, one for money, and one for not. I think I'll do the latter first.

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