What's in the box: Summer School. I have been increasingly puttering around with some new-ish electronics in my evenings. Video recorder, camera and voice recorder. I've yet to crack any manuals, but I have decided to really strive to at least utilize these devices on a rudimentary level. The upshot of this is to be able to post little movies and sound tracks. I had the recorder running for about an hour last night. This was initially in response to that sound that usually drives me indoors: the phlegmy opera next door. It's so over the top it's almost funny and that's when I decided to record it. *So, today I grapple with trying to upload and edit the tape. None of this comes easily. I confess to hating gadgets, but it's just sheer stupidity to eschew them because they're difficult to master (and they're only difficult because I have that built-in resistance). Perhaps, also, what I'm endeavoring to do is stave off the time when I need the services of the Alzheimer's hospice.
* Well, apparently I'll need to creep next door and hold the recorder up to the window of Pavarotti/Simpson's Cat Lady, and that would be just plain evil.

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