First weekend of the summer. I went to a Solstice party at a friend's house. The party began at noon, and I mean, WTF. I'm a Party/Night person. I would have liked to hang with my friend and her BF in her lovely garden, but there were other humans. In the dark basement there was a big food spread and a lot of people (women) gathered around, eating the food, and talking about the food. This sort of scenario, for me, equals Hell. I stayed an hour and then fled gratefully back to my place. This place has made me pretty antisocial. I mean, who needs anything more than this? I'm happy to have other people over, but for the summer, this is where you can find me.
We had chickens in the house. Sammy monitored, but did not chase. They only pooped once, and that was quickly dispatched by Lulu. Yum!

I've given up on preventing Lulu from eating the chicken poops. So, now she gets to come out with us at night. The first thing she does is graze for poops, and then she finds a spot and pees in it: LULU WAS HERE. Or something like that.

I re-arranged the back deck and brought out one of the Religulous chairs. Dinsdale immediately took to it. Maybe he's not getting enough praying in his diet.

It was overcast for much of the weekend, which I don't mind. We had, again, a tantilizing hint of a thunder storm, but nothing histrionic.

Oh, and I got a sketch done - the extent of my artistic outpourings.

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