That's like hypnotizing chickens. Today, my television dies of natural causes. I've only been getting about 4 channels anyway, which at times means I'm in the position of actually watching Deal! Or No Deal! or The King of Queens, for God's sake. I went out with a guy long ago who would become hypnotized by my tv, which I always just had on as wallpaper. I think to some degree, that's pretty much what tv is, a big old chicken hypnotizer and there's nobody here but us chickens. I have plenty of DVDs to watch. For now, the show is outside, anyway.

The 'skeeters are a little fierce this year. For all I know, the hospice next door has a pond or some shit. You can see one right on Lulu's forehead. I was forever telling her to hold still and then, as gently as I could, smacking the 'skeeter flat dead. Lulu was all 'WTF?' When I trundle out to the garden now I grab a handful of lavender and crush it up and spread it over vunerable body parts and it seems to help.

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Steve said...

My great Aunt spelled it with a h in it and I just didn't notice the difference. I will make sure I write Ester from now on.
I'm glad someone is getting some use out of those chairs.