The chickens are now seizing the window of opportunity when I take Lulu for a walk to rape and pillage the tender new garden. This time they killed about 5 plants. So, already irritable because of the heat, I unfurled, with some difficulty and motherfucking this and cocksucking that, a cheapo white picket fence to just block off the premises. A more attractive solution forthcoming ($$$), but this'll keep them out, unless I invite them in when I'm there, which I did.

They like to eat the paint that is flaking off an old plant holder. It's not old enough to be lead and I've tried hiding it in various places, but they always find it. So, what the hell.

Ester's feather are so pretty. After this:

When they had enough of me, they waddled away, but not before Ester, light of my eye, jumped in the forbidden triangle. I'm sitting in the Adirondack chair, with ottoman, so I'm all 'HEY, GET OUTTA THERE, BAD CHICKEN!' while struggling like a beached whale trying to get out of the damn thing (and without upsetting my glass of wine). All this time I assumed Beulah was the gang leader in this. But Ester, unlike Beulah, did not dash around in 10 different directions until finally getting out. She gave me a look, combination hurt and indignation, and hopped right out.

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