A very warm Spring. We're having a bit of a heat wave at the moment (in the 80s, in Seattle, constitutes a heat wave, I tells ya).

This morning I misted the walls of the girl's coop: I hope that helps. When they came out yesterday, they were running around with their beaks open: I'm assuming they probably cool themselves, like dogs.

The garden is coming together:

There are sentrys:

Hops, verbascum, rose campion and a big bin of weeds that it's been too hot to schlep to the curb:

The back garden is new: when I moved in, it was where the previous inhabitants had kept their crap: a goodly portion of it still remained. Last year I tried a little lawn and a vegetable garden. When I got the chickens, the lawn was soon tilled under. So, this year a hefty amount of money has gone into The Chicken Garden aka The Bif Loman Memorial Gardens, for he is buried under the soloman's seal. It's where we all hang together, but I'm finding out that sweet little fence isn't adequate in keeping them out when I'm not around. I came upon Beulah, digging up voodoo lilies and irises and it was a horrible sight: like coming upon your best friend raping your diabled sister - yes, I wanted to say retarded, but I try to make people happy. Sometimes.

Meanwhile, on the back porch:

Happily, he has moved past the habit of screaming for me in his mew-piteous-mew voice while I'm on the other side of the gate.

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