Lulu thinks back wistfully on a time when she was the only one who begged for food.
Yeah, they're all coming into the house now. Butters is still a little wary of the cats, especially Sammy, who likes to chase. With winter coming, I expect that will increase, since I has to have mah chicken time. Hey: I'm perfectly cognizant of the fact I have skipped over into Eccentric Old Lady Territory, with only a one-way Passport. It's just me here. I get to do whatever I want. So there.
Butters is laying an egg a day - they're about half the size of a normal egg and very pink. I will definitely know whose egg is whose. She seems to have a bit more chutzpah now that she's with egg. I'm glad: for a few weeks, if I didn't single her out and feed her separately, she probably would have gone hungry. Now she knows to get in there right away, grab a food bit, and run like hell!
I'm in a sour mood today. This morning I got up to more Dinsdale pee, so I have to go home and fumigate. It's getting old, and I terrorized him with a roll of paper towels for a few minutes, I was so pissed.
Last night driving to Barnes & Noble after work so I could get the latest installment of the Sookie Stackhouse books (crack), I came across a total of five dead raccoons on the West Seattle Freeway. Two adults and three young ones. It was an extended display of incredibly sad carnage. I still felt it when I got up today.

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