Ah, V.A.C.A.T.I.O.N. Alas, O.V.E.R.
But I do feel rested, perhaps even more beneficent towards my fellow creatures. Both will be short-lived, I've no doubt. I had two lovely end of summer days and then three of rain. Most would be all boo-hooey about the latter, but it was perfect for me. I spent three days painting, with the rain spitting at the windows, with a backdrop of old Thriller episodes on tv. A chicken daisy chain, after they'd discovered where their favorite plant stand (for it's delicious flaky white paint) had gone to. I had some creme fraiche left over, so added a few dollops to their dinner. Chicken crackMy writing muscle has already gone slack and flabby, after 5 days away. But my painting muscle rose to the occasion. Hopefully, I can keep two balls in the air.

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