Happy Tuesday.
I was too knackered yesterday to manage a post: up all night with a squirting dog the night before. She's fine now: we did get to go to the vet, bye-bye in the car-car, which she likes and doesn't get much of and she deposited about a quart of hair.
One of my favorite sites is Flickr, appropos of nothing. Snarkiness is practically non-existent, and artists are very supportive of one another. I've made friends, sold paintings, etc. Recently I stumbled upon a woman in Texas who cares for rescued baby raccoons - which was an interesting balm to the horrific scene on the West Seattle Freeway last week. Here's a video of a couple of kits and if this doesn't make you want to run out and get some, you are truly made of stone. Not only cute, but weird as hell. When they're playing, it's almost like a switchblade fight and all that handwashing. Enjoy.


Steve said...

What cute little racoons!
Just makes you want to bring them home. Oh wait, we have a couple of junk yard dogs who would like them too, but just to chase around probably.
Did you get your big umbrella?

Ester's Feathers said...

Yep, there's actually a pic of it in the Red Umbrella post. It's makes the back yard a bit red-centric, but hey, red is how I roll.