Dinner at Mary's, everything from her garden, and the return of my Obama Boner.
Mary called me towards the end of the day and invited me over to dinner, so I was able to watch the speech last night, as my television was put out of it's misery when we went digital. She lives on a hill, with a great view and gusts of wind that would make her tv go blank, but it was still better than listening to it on the radio. For one, as if I needed further negative reinforcement, there was the spectacle of the fucking asshat Republicans refusing to get to their fat asshatty feet, and the Kennedy remembrance/opportunity was something to see. I thought the speech was masterful, nuanced, intelligent and had spine. I think, especially with Joe Wilson's shining moment (um, Joe, why don't you just resign and slink back to whatever toxic dump you crawled out of), that the GOP has clearly illustrated they are just, simply, a party of ugly loons (no offence to beautiful birds everywhere) to the degree that would give serious pause to even the most scared-stiff, Fox-news-getting idiot.
Or not.
I'm just so sick of these people. There is really something wrong with them, something missing, blocked, deformed - I don't know. The temptation to write them off as just one thing - ugly, greedy, fearful, and far too concerned with things that really are none of their fucking businesses - is strong (and okay, that was more than one thing). But maybe they love their families (when they're not participating in some homoerotic scandal) or they make birdhouses or read to the blind - there has to be some vestige of reason and - well, fucking humanity left in these otherwise empty vessels. Driving in to work today, I think I happened on the way to live with this kind of poison: realize that they are defective, and do your best to refrain from being caught up in their bile, and regard them with the compassion that you would another creature that had been born without something a lot of us just take for granted: a soul.


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Very well said! I agree too.