Girl: you'll be a woman. Soon.
Butters is about to make with the egg laying. She's been working on it since Friday, that I've seen. I came home early, and like some French farce, only starring chickens, I opened the coop door to Beulah in the nesting box, making her purring nesting sounds, with Butters about a foot away, squatting and both of them looking like I'd caught them in something. Beulah looked at me a bit reproachfully: aren't you home a little early? Butters just kept squatting.

I think Ester and Beulah's laying is a bit off due to this encroaching reality. Once she's up and laying, perhaps they'll all be simpatico. Like when women working together all start having their periods at the same time. On Saturday night after all the others had gone to roost, Ester puttered by and I noticed she was limping. I prepared myself for the worst the next morning, but while she was completely limp-free, I now had a swollen knee: same leg as Ester, and now I'm limping. Cue: theremin.

I have a 5 day respite coming up: time to start taking the show indoors. I have a deadline to produce product for, which I find to be a very effective kick in the pants. What I will probably find is that I've completely forgotten how to paint and need to start from scratch. I'm also going to start carving out the time to meditate. Perhaps new inner peace can combat old feelings of wretchedness. Who knows? So - see you next week, when this long summer is officially over.

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