It was a nice 4 day mini-holiday, even though it was in the high 80's the whole time, which I'm much too much of a weenie for. Even the 4th wasn't especially egregious. I think a lot of entities cut back on their blasting allowance somewhat, as things exploded for a while and then they just stopped. I ended up falling asleep in the hammock.
On Sunday, the barametric pressure dropped like crazy and on Monday I woke up with a foot I couldn't walk on. Oh, old age, is there no end to your ignobility? So, yesterday I hobbled around work, working all these weird muscles you don't normally work, to walk, at least. Flailing about like an upright lobster. By the end of the day I was just a cripsy critter. Today I can walk without evoking Chester on Gunsmoke, and my left ass is sore.
Whenever I have these chunks of time away from the salt mine, I always want to come back to work having really accomplished something. And by Saturday, it was too hot to garden, or even relax outside, so I began a painting, but didn't get very far. An acquaintence from work who got laid off a while back wrote that her cat had died and she could sure use a picture of him. That's actually what I'm working on now: not her dead cat, but a friend from Flickr: really not even someone I know, but she's always been incredibly nice and was one of the first people to chose me as a contact. Her icon is of this cat doing what I call the power to the people fist pump and I finally remarked on what a great pic it was and she wrote back, in broken English, that he'd died a few weeks back, poisoned by a neighbor. So, that's the painting I'm doing. It's small, and I'm just going to send it to her. Why? Because I can, and every so often it's nice not to be a selfish asshole. As to the ex-colleague, I've not decided.
I got a rooster offered up to me, and if it weren't for the tenuous situation with Joe the Plumber down the block, I'd consider it. Apparently, it's not illegal to have a rooster in Seattle: it's just a consideration. I would LOVE to have a rooster - fully flesh out the whole chicken experience. But I gave it a pass.

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