Butters spent the day outside, which I never like to do, but she was out when I left for work, and I can't work my food-enticement-mojo on her yet. I called for her when I came home and she came, storking her way towards me. The other two thugs were a little better behaved, but it seemed the baton had been passed to Beulah to be a little more aggressive, while Ester stepped back and played Good Cop. Also, Butters has taken to retire first, so as to get the good perch spot, and this shot shows Ms. B about to give her the bum rush. When I came home yesterday, I noticed this: Holy Crap! My night blooming cereus had a bloom, seemingly out of nowhere. I planned on filming it open, as it apparently happens in real time, but I got distracted by chickens going ons and came in to find this: Dammit! And since for some reason my little point-n-shoot is almost impossible to get a clear pic when the light wanes, these were the best I could do. This is my first bloom, and Chicken Vickie says she has a friend who has a plant with 30 buds on it. That's what I want. New Project.

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