Exploding head syndrome: I haz it. Seriously, did you know such a thing exists? It's a loud sound emanating from one's own brain. It can sound like a crash or even a scream. I know I've definitely experienced this. It usually happens when you're asleep, but can happen during waking hours as well. Some trivia for you.
Last night I retired to watch DVDs (Supernatural, the series: shut up) earlier than usual and at one point the ice cream truck drove past my house, v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y, and then chh! chh!ed off into the distance. It was vaguely menacing and reminded me of one of my favorite Raymond Carver stories, The Bath, where something as benign as a little boy's birthday cake becomes somewhat sinister. Carver later revised The Bath to A Small Good Thing, and gave it a warm, happy ending which I never liked.
It's supposed to be 90 today - boo! - so there will be water featured in my evening. Tomorrow I'm driving over to the dreaded Eastside to try and find some guy who is selling chickens. It's time to expand the flock (or rather, try again).

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