It's Tuesday, but it's not Belgium, but I would gladly pay you for a hamburger today.
And thus exhausts my Tuesday references.
A friend was so very kind and thoughtful as to forward me an animated version of what the Alaska Way Viaduct and surrounding areas would look like if we had a substantial earthquake. I work by and commute via said Viaduct. It was damaged in the 2001 earthquake and since this is Seattle, and every decision has to be committee'd to death, we still are not 100% certain of it's replacement or overhaul. But it was thrilling to see large chunks of it crumble and fall. Even more fun, imaging me and my car crumbling and falling with it!! As it is, there is a stretch through downtown going West that runs under the East bound lanes that I generally try to locate a happy place for the duration of the time I have to be there. Perhaps because I have quit drinking, my friend thought he'd throw me a challenge?
And as I recall, I had quit drinking the year of our last earthquake - I think I was in my second month of sobriety. I was working on the East side and when the tremors began impressed myself with the alacrity with which I dispatched myself under my desk. Later, when I went home to the little cottage on Alki Beach I was living in, it looked like my house had been put through a paint mixer. I found things at the back of the house which normally dwelled in the front. I couldn't find my cat, Bif, and feared he was under a big dresser which had fallen over on its face. I later found him wedged under a space about 4 inches high under the couch. Poor guy. It took me all evening to clean up and I had only two broken items, amazingly.
I'm not sure where I'm going with this post, aside from pointing out certain obtuse behavior. Perhaps I'm just hoping that the gods, hearing of my new round of sobriety, don't decide to throw another earthquake our way. Or, 7 months down the line, fly some airplanes into tall buildings. Because, you know, it's all about me.

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