And then it was Monday. Already. Again.
The weekend shot by like a lubed gerbil. But boy howdy, was I industrious. Chores galore, and I did most of them. Beginning with, first thing, even pre-coffee: cleaning up a pile of butterscotch pudding left on the kitchen floor by our favorite leaver-of-piss-and-poo, Dinsdale, followed by a bath for same. Most certainly a two-person job, but I took advantage of his stunned disbelief at what was happening to him to move quickly and wash the offending matter off. Sunday, the sun shone all day and if I listened hard enough, I could hear the siren song of 'yard work, wooooOOOOOoooooo!, but despite the fact that there are more bushels of fucking plums to be mucked up, I stayed indoors and was able to paint. And after dinner, returned to the studio and painted some more. I am definitely feeling an uptick in both energy and creativity. I took some lovely photographs - more grist for the painting mill - but couldn't bring them in today because I forgot my flash drive. More tomorrow.

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Steve said...

Maybe it's somthing in the air; Bruno has left gifts for us lately. It started when Justin went back to N.O. and the dogs were spiteful. It has stoped for now.