In thrall to the chill of Fall.
Seriously. But no where more than in my bedroom. After a long summer of sometimes not even being able to bear the weight of a sheet, I now have two quilts and three more pillows and in the morning, after being tucked securely in all night, the bed is barely unmade. I sleep so much better. And sleep is of paramount importance in my leetle world.I think all the critters are happy with cooler climes.Every day I open up the coop door when I get home from work and it looks like the girls had a pillow fight - with Beulah's feathers. Her butt is completely bare now, but she frowns upon any efforts on my part to get a good look. Do. You. MIND? I think she's having a more normal molt than Ester had - that is, I hope so. She has feathers coming in, so I'm hoping she's all feathered and fortified by the time the cold weather comes. She hasn't laid any thing for over a month now. In some respects, I wish she would just stop: she's always had some difficulty in passing eggs. There is no question that she would continue to dwell in the house of OH CHICKEN MY CHICKEN for the duration of her days: even if I weren't a vegetarian, I couldn't imagine killing and eating a chicken because they'd stopped laying. These are my girls.I've come close to finishing the painting I'm working on and last night it took a weird detour: I hope I didn't ruin it. Not surprisingly, after not having painted all summer, I'm rusty as hell, but am beginning to feel my groove return. In many ways, as a matter of fact.

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