Ode to cronedom.
I'm presently working on a painting of Margaret Rutherford. It's long been my desire to do a series based on character actors I grew up with and loved. To name a few: Edward Andrews, Reta Shaw, Henry Jones, Sterling Holloway, Hermoine Gingold, Henry Silva, Edward Everett Horton. And I haven't painted humans in a long time, so again - relearning. But what has been so much fun in working on MR's painting is her amount of sagging flesh and wrinkles. No big stretch, really, as I favor painting dogs with lots of flaps and folds. But I don't think I will limit my Rutherford gallery to just one. She was a grand old dame - in fact, she was a Dame. And she found her calling rather late in life. Hey, I find my inspiration where I can.

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Steve said...

What a list! So many great actors. I can't wait for more MR.
Love to you and all the critters.