Distribution of energies
So, hey, yeah, I know, to my legion (3) of loyal readers I apologize for my sucky work ethic or whatever it is (discipline: say it!) that keeps me from posting daily. Or it could be just as simple as I don't have anything that wouldn't make your eyes roll back in your head and possibly encourage drooling in your extreme indifference and boredom.
On Saturday, I beat the odds and had another birthday. I also held my first (in what I hope to be an ongoing series) musical salon. It was the first time in a while that I'd sung before an audience, albeit one of (mostly) supportive friends. I find being close to my audience extremely nerve wracking: I'm happy as a pig in shit on a big stage with blinding spotlights so essentially it's just me and a sea of faceless energy. But I did get my first spotlight in the mail yesterday - via eBay and a psychotic seller - so my next salon I will be happily blinded. I will also have a PA, a small little job that has an iPod dock that is working it's way to me via UPS Ground, because I've never been a fan (nor it of me) of singing into dead air.
All this has taken me from painting a bit - I'm able to juggle several disciplines (that word again), but one always takes the driver's seat, leaving the rest to flip for shotgun. I'm still figuring out what this new musical foray will entail. I'm not interested in doing anything I've done before, but if it ends up a mashup of everything I've done before, well, jolly good.


Rinalia said...

Three is a legion indeed! :)

Happy belated birthday.

I do a lot of public speaking and love making eye contact, though there are times (like when my audience is snoozing) that I wish I had a spotlight!

seattlemartini said...

Hi there! A million apologies for the stalkeriness of this post. Please feel free to tell me to buzz off. Anyhow, I went back to the place we met ├╝ber-excited to continue our chat on all things creative and "poof" gone like... a dark and stor... wait, gone like a really really gone thing... Nope, that sucks too. Wait I got it! Gone like gheri curl! There we go! I really need to go to Similie school. Anyhow, if you're not creeped out, I would love to discuss Raymond Shaw, or why I think Twisted Nerve is a great song to hear at the dentist.

I believe this will give you you my email should you choose to say "hello"


ps L O V I N G the chicken art. I read the blurb about your chicken awaking... >sniff sniff< what's that I smell? Is that tax exempt status of the First Church Patient Poultry? The choir would be AWESOME!