Reprieve from Affliction.*
This weekend I was imbued with alacrity, having almost no pain in my foot and being able to walk somewhat normally. I was able to lose the cane towards the end of the week, but I had developed a sort of swing/kick walk, very reminiscent of Ratzo Rizzo. I spent Saturday putting my dwelling in various levels of order. I schlepped to the hardware store and bought a couple of bags of top soil and created a little sheltered area for the girls to have their dirt bath. Last winter, I put a container full of soil in their coop for this purpose and in no time, everything had a layer of dirt on it, up to the ceiling, so I'm hoping we have luck with this outdoor option. The ground was frozen solid on Saturday, so the girls didn't have much to do but stand at the top of the steps and stare in at the back porch wistfully.
I worked on a piece that, like most of my paintings, has gone on for too fucking long. And, like most of my paintings, it's: paint, paint, paint, fuck up, correct, paint, paint, flow, fuck up, correct, fuck up, correct, hey, this is going to turn out really well, DAMMIT, fuck up, correct - you get the picture.

*Memento Mori Monday will return next week in it's regularly scheduled slot.

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