I zzzzzzzztttt the body electriczzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzztt. We're on about day 6 of dry and cold and electric. My garden looks like The Day After and the chickens are not thrilled with the ground being frozen solid. I have to go out in the morning and evening and bring their waterer in and unfreeze it, and schlep it out again - Urban Farmer that I am.
Yesterday the mobile pussy shaving unit rolled up, Dinsdale was carted out and emerged 45 minutes later a new man. I wish there was a van I could step into and come out in less than an hour and be the equivalent of 20 pounds lighter. I will post pictures on Monday. It's always like getting a new cat. He slept with me all night, which he never does when he's hairy. And Sammy didn't even hiss when Dinsdale came back in, with the requisite bow on his head that the groomer always insists on further insulting him with.
Life has settled down to being able to walk on both legs for the most part. It's the little things, and it's enough. I have had extra energy, courtesy of the steroids - the novelty of coming home after a day at the office and actually having additional bandwidth for my own bloody life - well, it doesn't happen often and I'm grateful. When you temporarily lose a standard function, you will eventually become cavalier after you regain it, but there is that grace period where such simple things are seen as the gifts they are.

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