The year of living ugliously.
I have a scar from my right ear, down my neck. It's a little souvenir of a terrible year, which was last year. This year has actually been pretty good, but I've realized that in some ways I'm still dwelling in the bad, rather than the here and now, aka the good. I have, essentially, let myself go to seed. Which is not your problem, and probably not even of any interest. But I'm going on a hunch if I put it out there for my three readers to see, that it will reinforce my will to actually do something about it. Send your willpower juju my way, please. Saturday, Chicken Vickie came over. We had lemon cucumbers and walla walla sweets in oil and vinegar. We played Scrabble, and I kicked her ass. Here she is looking up 'za', which she challenged me on.The girls had an epic dirt bath. Ester looks dead. Poor butters was about two feet away. They're still not letting her play in any reindeer games.Back porch, Monday morning. Sammy is speaking to me telepathically: do you really need to go to work?


Steve said...

Well if it is the ultimate goal of a flowering plant to "go to seed" then I think we ought to see this as completion of something, but I'm not sure what. I don't think it's somthing that we can avoid.

Ester's Feathers said...

The completion of: my life? I dunno, perhaps. Or of something else coming to a close.