Heat waves, renal failure and vampires, oh my. On Wednesday, which reached 103, I was directed to the Infusion Center by my nephrologist to reconstitute my precious bodily fluids. And a bunch of other shit went south, thanks to this fucking heat wave. The last 5 days have passed like a dream you have while sleeping somewhere unfamiliar and hot, where you wake up with a giant crease across your face and dried drool down your chin.

Per doctor's orders, I just lay on the couch, reading and watching DVDs. Ironically, what I watched the most was True Blood, the first four episodes and now eagerly await new installments from Netflix. The ironical factor being that it's set in Louisianna, all muggy and buggy and moist. I should probably have been watching Ice Age, or March of the Penguins or Smilia's Sense of Snow. Oh, and all the men are really hot. It would seem I'm stuck in a hot loop. I'm ready for Fall.

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