That Infernal Vernal Equinox
The first day of Spring was spectacular. In the mid-sixties, with a little haze over an otherwise completely blue sky, lots and lots of chicken time (Ester and Butters will now come onto my lap with encouragement - Beulah is having NONE of it, no-thank-you-very-much,-but-I'd-still-very much-like-some-cheese). Of course, with nice days out come the power tools and the mowers and weed whackers, but that didn't even bother me. A friend came over and we just sat and jawed. I was telling him what a pain in the ass my little black cat Sammy was (make no mistake, I love him dearly, but he can be one of the most annoying creatures I've ever been around). Sammy is all about the butt-hole and the mouth - his, rather. He spends long, luxurious spells alternately licking and flehming. Which makes his oral tendencies - he has to mouth everything, all the time and his standard greeting (if you let him get close enough) is to shove his mouth in yours - all the more unpalatable. As I was telling my friend this, as if to demonstrate, Sammy got up on the coffee table and mouthed the lip of my near-beer bottle - See!? I tell my friend: Just like That! - and I go to remove him and he did this sort of paralytic spazz-out and ended up knocking over my very hard to find Red Wing chartreuse bowl and I watched in slow-mo as it fell to the carpet and broke into 3 big pieces and a bunch of shards, which Sammy immediately made a move to start mouthing. Ouch. I'm not that wedded to my things, but this one hurt a bit. Still, a wonderful day.


ThatMichaelGuy said...

I hadn’t read your blog in a while and so wondered about this segment:

I've decided I'm going to get ready to music from now on.

What does that mean?

Also, learning the constipation symptoms of your hens and cats adds so much to my dinner’s enjoyment.

And what to make of this:

So - that's my reward for 6 months of being on this fragile wagon.

Can you rephrase that for me?

The pink-faced white-feathered fowl on your blog site is stunning. Deserving of a show alone and by itself.

Ester's Feathers said...

Glad to add an edge to your dining experience.

I now get up and get ready in the morning to music, as opposed to NPR.

And sobriety is a fragile wagon, which you'd know if you ever got on.....