Practice, put to practice
Yesterday was weird. The CEO of the company I work for resigned, so that flavored the day with alternating tastes of trepidation and celebration, then when I went to get a portion of the ass load of prescriptions I get on a monthly basis, I was informed that I was no longer covered. Turns out our cracker-fucking-jack HR person who is supposed to keep one in the loop about these sort of matters dropped my particular ball. So, I started shorting out about that until I took a big breath, an even bigger toke and just reasoned that it was pointless to stress about it until the next day, when I could get to the bottom of it. And then, listening to the news on NRP, the emergency broadcast signal suddenly came on. Not the drill, but the actual signal. Just let it be quick and relatively painless was my one thought on the subject. I'm finding that I'm increasingly able to pause and assess and move on in things that tend to get this Excitable Girl excitable, and I have to tell you, this is a new and welcome turn of events.


Sonya said...

I hate, HATE the emergency broadcast signal. I have a clear memory of being a little kid and hearing that tone suddenly come on the radio - BEEEEEEEEEEEEP - and just freaking out. Even without knowing what it was supposed to represent, it scared the crap out of me.

Anyway, enjoying your blog and most especially this photo of dog & chicken. :)

Ester's Feathers said...

It's sort of like that ugly sounds that old modems used to make when connecting.